I rarely write reviews, but Advanced Hearing Care's honesty and service requires me to do so. They are simply the best. They offered me a money back guarantee and when I decided I wasnt ready for the hearing aids, even after spending a hour or more on 4 different appointments, they gave me a full refund, no questions asked. I will eventually have to get hearing aids and I certainly will get them from Advanced Hearing Care. It's so refreshing this day and age to have a company do what the say they will do. If I could give higher than 5 stars, I would.
Rolland Othick, on Google
Highly recommend this company. Awesome service, these guys are really professionals. They fixed my son’s hearing aids for free while other places refuse to do it because it is “too old”.
Persyst Development, on Google
We just moved to the area and the audiologist here was over and above any other care I've ever received. I don't think it was a one time fluke either. Not only did he check and clean my ears of wax, He cleaned my hearing aid Without charge. Strangely, he seems to be more interested in taking care of people then making money.
David Fowler, on Google
My hearing aids needed filter replacement which I found difficult. The kind doctor did this in a slit second and also offered advice as to how I could fix the problem long term. He and his female colleague at the front desk were very happy and caring not at all questioning why I was unable to replace the filters myself. These people are amazing and so knowledgeable. If I lived in Encinitas and not Australia, I would certainly be aligned to this practice.
Timothy Carroll, on Google
Recently (July, 2022)I visited the Encinitas Advanced Hearing Care office with my Hearing Aides Starkey, which I used about 12 months with about 5 visits to different repair centers. No one of them help to improve the hearing. The only advise which I received was to cut the wires for removing the device from my ears which I refused to do. Today after repair in the Encinitas office I started the real use of this excellent device for hearing aids. Thanks to the designers of Starkey and to people, who is capable to reveal all the advantages of this device. Uri Andres
Uri Andres, on Google

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