WE have been here before and it is always a great experience. Everyone here must wake up and have the same mantra. what can i do better today than yesterday for all our patients. They are kind, helpful and the best in the business. if you have a hearing issue there is nowhere else to go. .
Herb Kutlow, on Google
I recently moved to this area . The staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Five stars show my thanks and appreciation. Love my new AI hearing aids.
Eleanor Urey, on Google
I am very satisfied with the service I am getting. Very convenient location, staff is extremely courteous. I have been encouraged to come in between regular appointments if I have any issues, which makes me feel comfortable. Stuart added "Auditorium" to my hearing aids to try to improve being able to hear voices through the masks we have to wear. I have noticed a definitive improvement with male voices because they are in a lower register. For female voices, it depends on the register. The lower it is, the better my reception. Female voices in higher registers are still difficult to hear through a mask, because I can't read lips right now, so I might want to explore a different setting when I come in in April, or possibly before that. Overall, I am very pleased.
David Tedlow, on Google
I am very happy with my hearing aids. I received them on 5-13-21 and have worn them every day. I hear 100% better. Stuart Spencer was the person who fitted them. Very personable. I would recommend them to anyone.These hearing aids are made in the USA. In Minneapolis,Minn.
Patricia Maggard, on Google
I've been wearing their hearing aids for several years and have always had good quick response from the staff. I'm happy with them.
Jane Usatin, on Google

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