The value of hearing aids, like many other products, is comprised of more than just the initial purchase price of the hearing aid itself. Choosing a premium quality hearing aid is a smart investment for numerous reasons. The components used in the manufacturing of top-quality hearing aids help provide you with a better quality of life than those that are inexpensive and offer only basic functions. These important details will consistently save you time and money down the line.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Quality Hearing Aid

While most people are drawn to the purchase price when choosing their hearing aids, this should be only one factor that is considered during the selection process. Traditional hearing aid manufacturers offer products in different price ranges, all of which are made to exact quality standards. There are some products on the market that look like hearing aids but are not manufactured with the same mechanical and engineering standards.  A better-quality device provides a level of clarity and comfort that other hearing aids may not be able to compete with. The longevity of your hearing aid improves when you choose a superior quality unit. Traditional manufacturers offer warranty, support and repair services not available with look-alike inferior products. 

The Importance of Your Hearing Aid Battery

Many hearing aids today offer rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries can add convenience and ease of use into the ownership of hearing aids.  The hearing professional will help with the decision to consider rechargeable batteries.  Traditional hearing aids have used replaceable batteries for decades. If your choice is to acquire hearing aids that require replaceable batteries, carefully consider where to purchase them. A replaceable battery that powers your hearing aid is an aspect that is frequently not given the appreciation that it deserves. The cost of replacing the batteries and the lifespan of the battery both figure into the total cost of owning hearing aids. The higher the quality of the battery, the longer its lifespan, and the less you need to worry about replacing them.

Choosing a Service Plan

A service plan for your hearing aid takes the hassle out of repairs and maintenance and provides you with regular cleaning and testing. A service plan also provides you with the ability to have a local, knowledgeable technician perform most repairs in the office — often while you wait. All Audibel hearing aids from us come with this lifetime service guarantee.

The most important factor to remember is your quality of life. Better hearing will help elevate every aspect of your life, and troublesome or low-quality hearing aids can negatively impact your enjoyment of life. For the best team of hearing professionals, contact us for a location near you. Our hearing aids offer superior sound quality, as well as the premium features, service, and lifetime warranties you need. To learn more about how we can help improve your life, visit or call your nearest location.