Hearing is a critical part of being able to function in everyday life. Even when one’s hearing problem isn’t yet obvious, that person’s quality of life can be negatively affected. We need hearing for many activities and it’s not something that many of our patients recognize until they begin having difficulty hearing.

Our patient Jerry Lancaster found that he’d been settling for his quality of life when he realized he couldn’t hear certain things very well around the house or when he was out playing golf with his friends. Jerry visited Advanced Hearing for a comprehensive hearing evaluation and new hearing aids. Fast-forward to present day, and Jerry loves his hearing aids and is happy to be a patient of Advanced Hearing.

The Warning Signs

Jerry realized he was having trouble hearing the television and hearing himself talk to others. He was also having difficulty listening to others who were talking to him, especially if they were farther away from him. He could hear that they were speaking but couldn’t make out the specific words they were saying. This made day-to-day living challenging and communicating effectively with other people nearly impossible.

Grateful for Simple Sounds

With his new hearing aids from Advanced Hearing, powered by Audibel, Jerry can hear things he’s not been able to for many years. He can hear the crinkling of gum wrappers and candy wrappers like he never heard them before, and he also enjoys hearing the crunch of gravel when he walks on it — something he didn’t know he missed.

The most impactful changes that Jerry’s new hearing aids have had on his life are the new sounds that he is able to hear on the golf course and at church. When he’s playing golf with his friends, he can now hear what they’re saying and take an active role in the conversation. He can also hear the game better than he ever could before. Jerry says, “I can actually hear the club hitting the ball. Before, I couldn’t hear that. I’d just hear a thud.” Church is another place that Jerry has noticed his hearing aids help him a great deal. He says, “I enjoy wearing them at church. Half the time I was missing half the sermon because I couldn’t hear it.”

Jerry’s Recommendation

Jerry says he enjoys working with Advanced Hearing because he likes the service and he feels he is being well taken care of by the doctors and staff. After meeting with his new hearing specialist, he felt hopeful and encouraged. “I felt good about it,” he said. He says his wife loves his new hearing aids, too. It’s easy to see how Jerry’s life has changed in ways both big and small since getting his new hearing aids—his ability to live more fully and find value in the simple sounds have improved greatly.

And what’s his recommendation for other patients who are considering meeting with a hearing specialist?

“I’d say do it. Right away. It’ll change your life.” It has certainly changed his.