Many people who experience hearing loss are concerned over how it will affect their ability to use their mobile phone. It’s a natural concern, especially since wireless devices are such an important part of modern life. Thankfully, because of government regulations and dynamic solutions from hearing aid and wireless device manufacturers, the two devices can now work in harmony to deliver an upgraded experience.

The Effects of the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act

The Hearing Aid Compatibility Act was originally enacted in 1988, and it required that the FCC monitor all telephones manufactured in the U.S. to ensure that they were compatible with hearing aid technology. In 2003, this requirement was also extended to all digital wireless phones as well, as government officials argued that exempting these devices would negatively impact people with hearing loss.

As a result of these regulations, most wireless phones now have internal circuits that work along with T-coil hearing aids to block ambient sound and enhance the audio from the phone signal itself. Also, the American National Standard Institute issues a rating for wireless devices according to how effectively they are able to block electromagnetic energy from the antenna that can adversely impact its use with a hearing aid.

Seamless Solutions that Work Together for Your Benefit

While the expansion of the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act to digital wireless devices was good news for those with hearing loss, contemporary hearing aids and mobile phones go even farther when it comes to compatibility. Innovative new features show how mobile phones and advanced hearing aids can work seamlessly together to improve the experience of each other.

For instance, our technology makes it possible to stream media and voice calls from your smartphone directly to your hearing aid, all while your hearing aid filters out ambient noise to improve sound quality.

Take Control of Your Hearing

Thanks to the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act and rapid technological advances, using a hearing aid with a wireless device doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. With the right solution you can hear all of your important communications through crystal clear audio in your hearing aid, and enjoy additional features such as music streaming. To  discover more about this innovative technology, or simply speak to an expert about your hearing loss issues, contact us today. We offer free hearing assessments if you are concerned about your hearing levels, and provide the latest technology in hearing aids with attractive pricing and financing options.