Independence Day is near once again, which can only mean one thing: fireworks season is about to kick into high gear. But for as festive and beautiful as fireworks can be, they also pose some significant risks. This is especially true when it comes to hearing-related issues, which is something that older adults are particularly prone to.

Yes, it is true that fireworks can impact your hearing in a negative way. But the key to mitigating risk from this issue involves understanding the issue before it occurs. Before you head out to your next community fireworks show, there are a few important things you need to know.

July 4th and Your Hearing: Breaking Things Down

The number one potential hazard that fireworks pose on our hearing has to do with noise-induced hearing loss. According to the World Health Organization, it is recommended that adults avoid all sounds with sound pressure higher than 140 decibels. Unfortunately, fireworks can easily exceed 150 decibels depending on the situation.

Things don’t have to be quite that loud to cause long-term damage, either. The World Health Organization has indicated that long-term exposure to sounds over 80 decibels can also cause permanent hearing loss. This means things like loud motorcycles, convertibles, and even the wrong type of headphones can cause far more damage than most people realize.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to still enjoy fireworks without all the potential hearing-related consequences. Volume always decreases the farther away you get from something, so sitting a large distance away from the source of the fireworks is always recommended.

Likewise, always use hearing protection devices whenever the option is available to you. If you take a pair of foam earplugs or protective earmuffs with you to the fireworks show, you’ll be able to both diminish the sound they make and protect your hearing at the exact same time.

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The Fourth of July should be a fun and exciting time for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a period filled with stress and worry as you wonder what the season’s festivities might do to your hearing. If you want to make sure that your hearing is protected all summer long, or if you have any additional questions that you’d like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact us today. You should also feel free to schedule an appointment at one of our many convenient locations.